masseria don vincenzo

Tenuta Zimarino, organic and biodynamic Demeter farm
Tenuta Zimarino is organic farm with biodynamic method, situated in Vasto, in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci. I BIO Zimarino, extra virgin olive oil Organic and, better yet, Biodynamic Demeter, Grand Cru and ultra-premium Colline Teatine DOP, are oils nutraceuticals of High Quality, that is a nutritious food with pharmacological action. Only an extra virgin olive oil organic and biodynamic Demeter can be considered edible and absolutely free of traces of pesticides and other poisons. Product of Italy.

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The firm Tenuta Zimarino, manufactures and markets Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Agricultural production of Zimarino is active in Masseria Don Vincenzo closely with the three thousand olive trees.

Masseria Don Vincenzo, organic farm with biodynamic method, is part of a natural environment recognized as a Site of Community - IT7140108 Punta Aderci Punta della Penna of the province of Chieti, with a high landscape value and cultural wealth anf high animal and plant.

Located in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci and its Wildlife Oasis, Masseria Don Vincenzo is characterized by soils in healthy environment, from the Mediterranean, by vast expanses of forest, rich in natural biodiversity. 

Masseria Don Vincenzo was created by the family Zimarino. Liliana Zimarino continues with its project based on the choice of quality instead of quantity and, by traditional farmhouse Abruzzo, integrating and harmonizing various agricultural activities, expands the cultivation of olive trees, in accordance with local traditions and environmental biodiversity.

The Abruzzi are ideally situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains to the east and Majella mountain ranges to the west - including the Grand Sasso, one of the highest peaks in Italy for more than 9500ft.

It is not surprising that the Abruzzi provide a perfect retreat for olive growing since antiquity.

The olive trees thrive thanks to the terroir, the abundance of sunshine, abundant rainfall and a climate variable.

Today the prized I BIO Zimarino Demeter, extra virgin olive oil, obtained from cultivar known since antiquity for its precious sensory characteristics and organoleptic represent a Made in Italy food, very high quality.

In order to communicate and certify to all those who choose oils extra virgin olive oil I BIO Zimarino, Grand Cru and AOC Abruzzo Colline Teatine Vastese ultra-premium, our true and deep love for these products and the absolute respect towards the environment, we decided to be certified organic and biodynamic, choosing:

European brand recognition for food from organic farming  

BIO Organization Control authorized by MI.P.A.A.F.
IT BIO 009 entrepreneur controlled AF98


Only international certification, of agriculture and biodynamic products. Quality label for products derived from land prepared and cultivated with the biodynamic method of agriculture


Demeter certified Biodynamic: n. 923

The Organization of control BIO (CCPB) verify compliance with the rules of organic farming.

Demeter Association Italy verify the compliance in accordance with Demeter standards of production and processing

In Masseria Don Vincenzo can be observed in winter and migration, a large number of specimens of birds:

  • Aironi cenerini (Ardea cinerea), this ardeide is present as a migratory species in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci, particularly in the area of the mouth of the river Sinello;
  • Sgarza ciuffetto (Ardeola ralloides), Garzetta (Egretta garzetta), Gruccione (Merops Apiaster), Martin Pescatore (Alcedo atthis), Sparviere (Accipiter nisus), Cinciallegra (Parus major), Poiana (Buteo buteo), Saltimpalo (Saxicola torquata), Cappellaccia (Galerida cristata), Beccamoschino (Cisticola juncidis), Occhiocotto (Sylvia melanocephala), Cavaliere di Italia (Himantopus himantopus), Gheppio (Falco tinnuncunus), Falco di palude (Circus aeruginosus).