masseria don vincenzo

Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo, organic farm with biodynamic method, is situated in Vasto, in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci. I BIO Zimarino, extra virgin olive oil Organic and, better yet, Biodynamic Demeter, Grand Cru and ultra-premium Colline Teatine DOP, are oils nutraceuticals of High Quality, that is a nutritious food with pharmacological action. Only an extra virgin olive oil organic and biodynamic can be considered edible and absolutely free of traces of pesticides and other poisons. Made in Italy.

Biodynamic Organic Farm

Zimarino Estate

farm with organic farming, biodynamic method, is part of a natural environment recognized as SITE OF COMMUNITY INTEREST - IT7140108  PUNTA ADERCI PUNTA DELLA PENNA in the province of Chieti, with a high natural and cultural value, and a great wealth, animal and plant .

Located in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci and its Wildlife Oasis, Zimarino Estate is characterized by fields intac environment, from the Mediterranean and large expanses of forest, rich in a natural biodiversity. You can scan. during the winter and step, a large number of specimens of birds:

  • Aironi cenerini (Ardea cinerea), this ardeide is present as a migratory species in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci, particularly in the area of the mouth of the river Sinello;
  • Sgarza ciuffetto (Ardeola ralloides), Garzetta (Egretta garzetta), Gruccione (Merops Apiaster), Martin Pescatore (Alcedo atthis), Sparviere (Accipiter nisus), Cinciallegra (Parus major), Poiana (Buteo buteo), Saltimpalo (Saxicola torquata), Cappellaccia (Galerida cristata), Beccamoschino (Cisticola juncidis), Occhiocotto (Sylvia melanocephala), Cavaliere di Italia (Himantopus himantopus), Gheppio (Falco tinnuncunus), Falco di palude (Circus aeruginosus).

Zimarino Estate, was established by the family Zimarino, and traditional farm Abruzzi, integrating and harmonizing different agricultural activities, it is now only olive farm.

Surrounded by this wealth of gifts offered by nature, we wanted to bring out the flavors and aromas of authentic fruits of our territory with the highest quality products organoleptic derived from indigenous varieties in our olive grove "Masseria Don Vincenzo", easily combined and can speak of the place of origin and characteristics of our region.

In order to communicate and certify to all those who choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Masseria Don Vincenzo" Grand Cru and PDO ultra-premium, our true and deep love for this product and absolute respect for the environment, we decided to be certified Biodynamic, Organic and VeganOK choosing

BIO control and certification
the only international certification agriculture and biodynamic products

Our biodynamic oils offer a dual protection for consumers as they are both controlled by CCPB for organic, that from Demeter Italy.