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I BIO Zimarino
DON VINCENZO, Colline Teatine D.O.P. (not available at supermarkets)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Colline Teatine Vastese Don Vincenzo

extra virgin olive oil organic and biodynamic Demeter which is really edible and absolutely no trace, and cocktails of insecticides and fungicides!

1st Prize Sirena D Oro for the best quality PDO (DOP) Italian

This Extra Virgin Olive is obtained exclusively by the harmonious balance of the olives Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Moraiolo and Nebbio di Chieti in accordance with the rules of the Disciplinary DOP (PDO) Colline Teatine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great elegance, organoleptic and adherence to the territory. Product elegant, unique in the world, strongly linked to the territory of origin with a specific sensory profile. Is a product of haute cuisine.

An extra virgin olive oil, unique, gourmet, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) obtained directly from olives hand-picked, grown in a region of Italy (Abruzzi) with a strong olive oil.

This olive oil, incredibly special, affects   all the senses at first glance.
The Don Vincenzo, Colline Teatine Vastese PDO, ultra-premium , oil very well balanced, is produced from a Blend rigorously precise, olive Gentile di Chieti (40%), Leccino (30%), Moraiolo (15%) and Nebbio di Chieti (15%), which bring into emphasize a uniqueness that you have never tasted before.
Luxurious, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is used by a large number of famous Michelin-starred Chef and Gault-Millau and some of the best and most prestigious hotels in the world!

The Don Vincenzo, Colline Teatine Vastese DOP (PDO), ultra-premium is very elegant, fruity, herbaceous nose is expressive with spicy notes of almond, artichoke and green banana. The taste is initially sweet, enveloping, with a spicy aftertaste of medium intensity, slightly bitter and precious and extraordinary nutritional and organoleptic quality.

This oil is unique and elegant, strongly linked to the terroir from which it comes, with a specific sensory profile.

Product suitable for haute cuisine and for many demanding connoisseurs, with its exquisite and impeccable ultra-subtle flavors, which must show their value in the menu and must be explained.

A perfect ultra-fine olive oil to be appreciated gradually as a rare delicacy.

On our farm, our philosophy is to produce some of the best ultra olive oils in the world, high quality, with low acidity but also rich in oleic acid, antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols) and without pesticide residues.

The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), in October 2011, published the results of blatant Scientific Research World, about the enormous importance to human health, to take Olive oil with high content of polyphenols.

The polyphenols present in the olive oil, contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress: to get the advertised benefits should take at least 20 mg / day of this oil.

The olive oil is also very good, but the health and protection are much more important than simple pleasure, and it is worth that you as a consumer you spend on it, every day you go shopping.

The Don Vincenzo, Colline Teatine Vastese PDO, ultra-premium , is one of three olive oils (in addition to Per Liliana, grand cru, pure of Tenera Ascolana and Costa dei Trabocchi, grand cru, pure of Gentile di Chieti), which has been the subject of study and research at the Polytechnic of Milan - Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Giulio Natta, Laboratory of Proteomics - by prof. Pier Giorgio RIGHETTI and his team in search of traces of protein in olive oil. After statistical analysis accurate, three proteins were identified, of which one, Histone H4, is homologous to the same histone found by the same researchers in the core.

Particular attention is paid to the label: enhanced by the figure of the cultivar Nebbio di Chieti, is presented in an elegant atmosphere and refined on a green background. Allows you to enrich the table, with a special touch.

Packaged in a beautiful box of wood, fir, all bottled and labeled by hand, bottle for bottle, highly qualified staff, to reduce oxidation and ensure exceptional organoleptic properties.


An excellent extra virgin olive oil is defined by flavorings, perfumes, essential to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamin E, enzymes and vitamins vitamins B and C. It makes no sense to evaluate it based on the unit cost, make more sense instead to calculate the daily cost per capita to realize that just a few cents well spent to ensure the health of the whole family or the real quality of the Restaurants.


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Awards and Recognitions
ORO DI ITALIA (1° National Competition) - Italy - Certificate of Quality - 2010
GAMBERO ROSSO (Selection Oils) - Italy - Tasting 2010
SLOW FOOD (Guide to extra virgin) - Italy - Tre Olive + Label - 2010
SIRENA D ORO DI SORRENTO (IX Edition) - Italy - 1st Prize - 2011
ORO DI ITALIA (2nd National Competition) - Italy - Certificate of Quality - 2011
SOL D ORO (International Competition) - Italy - Gran Menzione - 2011
TERRAOLIVO AWARD - Israel - Prestige Gold - 2011
GAMBERO ROSSO (The best extra virgin) - Italy - Due Foglie - 2011
OLIVE JAPAN (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition) - Japan - Silver Medal - 2012



The quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils I BIO Zimarino is demonstrated by the quality of our customers.

We are proud suppliers of prestigious 5 star hotels in the world and some of the best chefs in Italy and in the world, many of them award-winning Michelin, Gault-Millau
and Guide Bleu.